NCFD Fire Safety Day
October 2009

New City Fire Engine Company No. 1 hosted its annual Community Fire Safety Day to a large and enthusiastic New City crowd. Programs were geared to all ages and interest levels. Young children had games and were taught "Stop, Drop and Roll," while the more serious observers witnessed demonstrations of roof ventilation, tower rescue, extrication and the extinguishing of a live car fire. It was a small sampling of the varied services its dedicated members perform every day, as volunteers.

"The Firefighter is Your Friend"

Under the organization, coordination and supervision of Fire Safety Officer, Bruce Gotsch (ex-Chief), New City Fire Engine Company No. 1 conducts annual safety programs targeted to specific age groups. Pictured here is the "The Firefighter is Your Friend" program where Kindergarteners and Pre-K students are introduced to firefighters in full gear (including air pack) to educate them on the need to seek out the firefighter instead of running from him/her. The children gain a confidence and awareness that will surely help them in a fire emergency.

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